Incorporating Home Designer Trends in 2020 Into Your Living Room

Your living room should be the first place to enjoy the latest ideas on home design. How can you embrace home design trends in 2020 with minimal stress? Trends are always a great origin for inspiration but this does not mean you should try to include them in entirety. Take one or two aspects and use them subtly to come up with a look that is still personal to your liking.

Prepare yourself

Revamping a room requires one to go through a series of emotional stages before you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, according to Stephanie Cohn. From worrying about the amount of work and time to be put into question whether you picked the right colors and designs. It is one hell of a ride. As such, it is advisable to plan ahead. Give yourself a couple of weeks prior to home designing to help crystallize the ideas you have in mind.

Texture is key

One of the main home designer trends this 2020 is texture. Some living rooms can look rather uninviting. This is where texture plays a role. This year sees a strong focus on bouclé, which is a yarn with a curled or looped fabric or ply made from this yarn. The looped yarn creates a lifted ‘curled’ quality that gives an ultra-modern but home-like feel. In addition to this, stitching detail will bring design and engrossment to decorative finishes on footstools, sofa arms, and cushions.

Natural light

It is important to note how light falls in various points of your living room when doing home designing. This not only affects how you see colors but also helps select spaces with regard to activities to be done say relaxing, watching TV, reading and so much more.

Color code

Designing a whole new color scheme for your home can be a daunting task. It is advisable to choose no more than three colors; your main hue, a contrast, and a highlight. Professional interior home designers suggest that when one is stuck, look out for Sherill occasional, ornament or art pieces that you like and use them as an inspiration on how to go about with your home designing. Once you have your color ideas in mind, test them out to see how they work.

Keep accents in focus

Having a cluttered space does not evoke calmness. It is always a good idea to box up things in your living room when planning on new home design. Be it cushions, throw pillows, vases, plant pots, light fitting, poufs and so on. Take them all out and carefully sort through them. Choose only the items you would like to retain as this will enhance your new look keeping in mind that the living room should not be crowded. The remaining things can be stored for future use or donated.

In conclusion, it is clear that you cannot just wake up and decide to revamp without having to think it through. The above gives a brief overview of how you can successfully incorporate home designing trends this 2020 into your living room and through your entire house as well.